An important aspect of Thakalis Art Gallery's non-core services is restoration and repair of artworks and artist collections. Each work of art is closely examined and tailored to our methodologies to meet both the needs of the painting and the client. The finest materials and non invasive techniques are used with meticulous skill. 

The Process

Consultation - The first step in the process is viewing the artwork at the gallery. The consultation can be scheduled with the team by writing to

Examination - Once the artwork is received a full examination will be conducted. This will include assessing the condition of the artworks and testing of the materials that will guide the conservation process.

Proposal - Once the examination is complete a proposal will be assembled and shared with the client. The proposal will outline all the work that needs to be completed. The proposal will contain a timeline and price.

Work - After the approval from the client work will begin. Some artworks may be completed in as little as one week while others may require several weeks due to the complex nature of the conservation.