Thakalis Art Gallery, an art collectors paradise, has been involved with the making of richly illustrated Thangkas and Bengal Art for over two decades, now represents more than 15 distinguished artists.
A commitment to revive the tribal hill art of areas like Tibet, Bengal & the North Eastern corners of India, Thakalis Art Gallery provides an extraordinary overview of 2,000 year old history.
Most of these art forms are near extinct due to a lack of encouragement and interest. Our mission is devoted to preserving classical, traditional and indigenous modes of artistic expression. 
The gallery continues to support the careers and work of its artists in dialogue with audiences and institutions around the world.
Mallika M Narayan: A masters from Polimoda Institute in Marketing and Communications Florence, Mallika cut her teeth in fashion as a brand strategist, working with marquee brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, Versace and Missoni. After moving to New Delhi in 2013, Mallika lent her expertise to Lecoanet Hemant and Outhouse Jewellery. She is passionate about yoga and is an avid collector of Indian art, an anchor to her heritage. 
Asha Chopra: Asha Chopra’s journey into the world of art began in 1957 with her internship at the Shankar's International Doll Museum at the age of 16. With over fourty-five years of expertise in the field of Indian art and culture, she passionately commits herself to producing plays, travelling and collecting sculptures, porcelain and object d'arts from across the globe.