How To Dress Your Home Office With Affordable Art During A Pandemic

Staying in is the new going out, and with more of us setting up an office space within the home comes a new interest in home dećor. There is an art to curating the perfect work from home space during a global pandemic. As the epicentre of life and work, the work from home station plays a pivotal role in creating wall spaces that make us happy and stimulate creativity. Here our gallery experts share their pro tips, likes and loves:

“A work space needs to tick many boxes: it should be expressive, calming, help you focus and be full of inspiration.”

A recent study conducted by Affordable Art Fair found almost a third (29%) believe artwork should be installed in workplaces to improve productivity, and this came ahead of sleep pods (17%), ping pong tables (14%) and beanbags (12%).

With increased video calls taken from the work office, dedicate the wall behind your work screen or monitor to a central figure with bold colours. If you're going to show a little window into your world, you’ll want to put your best foot forward.

Try placing a meditative artwork (A buddha or thangka) opposite the work desk to add a touch of serenity and zen. Add warm studio lighting to enhance the colours of your artwork.

Another key tip: don’t overcrowd, art in a work space is for mood enhancing and you don’t want to end up distracted! 

Last but not least: Add statement artefacts, sculptures and pottery on a console or small table with a small rug to add the element of glamour to your WFH space!

As we evolve, our work from home spaces should too.

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