Calcutta Beckons

We are delighted to announce the opening of Calcutta Beckons,19th century colonial Bengal art commissioned and curated by Thakalis Art Gallery.
Calcutta Beckons provides a glimpse of Bengal’s naturalistic style and diversity. 
A colourful exuberance reflecting Hindu mythology and folk culture, Kalighat paintings are tremendously beautiful, vibrant watercolored artworks. Produced and painted in 19th century colonial Bengal, these artworks were largely sold as souvenirs to Hindu pilgrims and British tourists- a response to the sudden prosperity brought to Calcutta by the East India Company. These scroll paintings use local indigenous materials - traditional pigments, vegetable and mineral sources, palm matting cloth and even cow dung. 


The extremely rare satirical folk art of Bengal from the Revivalist movement characterize colonial influence, and is considered to be the beginning of modernism in India. 

Below is a glimpse of a few artworks that are exhibited and does not represent the complete selection that is currently on display. To view the entire collection please write to us at

Now open for online viewing.

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